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The Brinkworth Brothers, in this joint venture, had a good showing at BC Place here in Vancouver this year.   Bill's "Skyline" with his unique customized body features adorned with Barry's "BRUSHFIRE" was an impressive sight, as was the completed 56 pickup which now has the natural wood lined rear box and tailgate fitted.   All in all, some good examples of Bill's body customizing and Barry's paintwork. 

contact Barry to discuss your Painting and Airbrush Art needs:    mailto:thumper57@shaw.ca

contact Bill to discuss your import customizing needs:    mailto:bthepipe@shaw.ca 

CATASTROPHE !  On the day of the Roll-in, disaster struck when the hood of their feature car unlatched while crossing the Oak St. Bridge, and folded back onto the windshield.  It was looking like a no-show for the Skyline until Barry and Bill in a last minute valiant effort, got to work fixing it.  Although the hood still showed some evidence of damage, Barry's "BRUSHFIRE" flames survived and the car still rolled into the show on time .... looking great.      


Airbrush Hood Art and fitting of Lambo. hinges by Thumper - Custom Rods & Rides