Thanks for visiting my site ....  I'd just like to tell you a little about myself and the company.   I experienced working on cars at a early age,  just as a hobby, which soon turned into an obsession, and now a full time job.    I love it, and more so doing it for other people.

I worked with my father for about ten years building scale models ""  working closely with the racing industry, mainly Indy and champ car.

In march 2006 I decided I would start full time in my own business, as a Custom Shop.   I didn't want to jump into new  premises, so I started working out of my fathers Model shop facility,  and renting additional work space, only when I needed it.      this enables me to keep down my overhead cost, and giving my customers a more affordable labour rate.

the specialized services I have to offer  right now are..... Body kit installs and repairs ..... Audio/Video sales and custom Installs ...... and paint & airbrushing to name just a few .

OUR PROMISE   Our commitment to you is to give you what you envision. Quality is about attitude and we pour our blood and sweat into giving you exactly what you want. As far as we are concerned … your car is one of ours!   " THROUGH YOUR EYES WE CUSTOMIZE "